Angela's Giving Garden - growing a happy garden with homemade compost

We started our garden in 2017, when it was just a grassy hill. Now, it is full of vegetables, flowers, and some fruit trees.

Our vegetables need a lot of fertilizer, so we make compost at home with extra fruit peels, spoiled vegetables, and put them into a special composting bin with dirt and leaves. Then, we add some water and mix it well together. We need to keep it well moisturized for the next few months. If everything in the compost bin has turned into soil, it means the compost is ready and can be used.

We combine the dirt and compost. Then, we plant our vegetables in the combination. Our vegetables grow big and healthy with our homemade compost.

This year, my brother and I help our parents and my grandparents plant and harvest the products that come out of our garden, and share it with other people. I am very happy a lot of friends like our vegetables.

“Students of all ages are our greatest asset to making positive change. By instilling environmental manners, such as composting, we are creating habits that will permeate into their family and community and will shape their thinking and actions for a lifetime.”

Dan Schnitzer, LEED Green Associate

Director of Sustainability and Capital Projects

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools